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NKP Car Specials 

(P=Plated)  (.020 Etched Brass)

      $10 for any of the following pairs of car sides:

ACL ACF Fluted Side Baggage Nos. 150-151 (P)
CB&Q Budd 10-6 - 1952 Version - 3 Aisle Windows (P) 
Rio Grande Heavyweight 60' Baggage with Modern Doors
SOUTHERN Pullman Standard 10/6 Sleeper with Long Letterboard for PRR, RF&P  (P) 
SOUTHERN PACIFIC Lightweight Economy 66-B-1 Baggage Car (6600 Series) - includes etched ends.

      $5 for any of the following pairs of car sides:

ACL Budd Baggage/Dorm (P)
MP Budd 10/6 Sleeper 6-wheel truck version with "Center" Bedroom

SAL Pullman Standard Coach / Lounge (P)

      SPECIAL PRICES - $10.00 for any of the following plated pairs of sides:

(VERY limited quantity)
PRR Congressional / Senator

PRR Budd Twin Unit Diner - Budd Job 9665-024 & 9666-024

PRR Budd Dining Car 
PRR Drawing Room Parlor Car
PRR Budd Parlor Car
PRR Budd Coach
PRR Budd Obs/Parlor - Senator

Seaboard - Silver Meteor

SAL Budd Coach

SAL Budd Diner
SAL Pullman Standard 11 Bedroom Sleeper
SAL Budd 5/1/4/5 Sleeper
SAL Budd 10/6 Sleeper
SAL Budd Tavern/Observation (Fits Walthers Observation Body)

      SUPER SPECIAL KIT PRICE!! - $25.00 for the following:

Pullman Heavyweight 8/6/1/1 "Ash" Series Plan 4174

      SPECIAL KIT PRICES - $35.00 for any of the following:

ACL A15 Modernized Heavyweight Coach with Skirts and Wide Windows
CB&Q BA10 Heavyweight Baggage Express (fishbelly)
Pullman Heavyweight "Villa," Plan 3411B, 10 Section/3 Double Bedroom (C&NW, UP & others)
Pullman Heavyweight 8/1/3 "Tower" Series Plan 4090F (Only) 

      SPECIAL KIT PRICES - $40.00 for any of the following:

Pullman Heavyweight "Poplar" 6/6 series Plan 4084A ONLY
Pullman Heavyweight "University" 12/2 series Plan 4046 - paired aisle window version ONLY

      RAPIDO  - Limited Quantities

NEW - CN FP9B - Green/Black Scheme 48" fans / large hatch - Unpowered Nos. 6632 / 6637 - $60.00


1 - 3 Side Sets  $3.00
4 - 6 Side Sets  $6.00
7 or more Side sets - Actual cost via USPS Priority Mail 

1-2 Kits   $7.00
3 or More Kits - Actual cost via USPS Priority Mail 

Last updated: 04/04/2015
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