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Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C&EI)  Passenger Cars

Car Description Plan Number Price Pictures
PS 4 Rmt/5 Bdrm/1 Compt/4 Section - Fluted Sides
also Amtrak, ACL, CN, FEC, L&N, NYC&STL 
(When ordering - specify road desired)
P/S 4196 $29.00 2 See It!
52 St. Coach 1956 "Dixieland" BUDD $29.00 2 n/a
ALL Kits exclude paint, couplers, and decals.
1. Prototype-correct etched brass sides sides only
2. Prototype-correct etched brass sides sides with Train Station Products Body Kit
3. Prototype-correct etched brass sides with Branchline Trains body, ALL details, trucks, InterMountain Wheelsets 
4. Resin cast body kit and detail parts
5. Mixed Source Kit - may contain cast resin parts
6. Complete Super-detailed kit with cast resin roof, ends, floors and detail parts. Sides are etched brass. Trucks included.

Last updated: 12/24/2013
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