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With your modeling skills, take our prototypical kits from this........
.....to this!!!

NKP Car Company
produces a broad line of passenger cars made to a specific prototype to accurately model a particular railroad or train.  Our HO scale car sides are .020" etched brass, plated or un-plated per prototype, with etched handrail holes and proto-specific details as to fluting, rivet patterns, windows, skirt details and steps. This site shows all current "In-Stock" Some cars include body kits and other detail parts. Most streamlined cars utilize the Train Station Products body kits and appropriate trucks - sold separately.

Our kits are easy to build utilizing simple tools and moderate modeling skills.  

  • The body shell assembly begins with attaching car ends to the roof.

  • The sides can then be appropriately painted or decaled as necessary per prototype.

  • Glazing and shades can be added to sides per the modeler's choice.

  • Styrene strips, including floor mount blocks, are attached to the back of the car sides.

  • Sides are then assembled to the roof/end "shell" forming a complete body.

  • The Floor is detailed/painted per prototype and attached to the body.

  • Finally, mounting of the trucks, couplers, diaphragms and other details completes the car.

NKP Car Company also offers Train Station Products and Accessories and Underbody Detail Parts kits for your convenience.  These kits provide an outstanding array of battery boxes, air conditioning components, etc that add a proto-specific finish to your car.

Last updated: 11/12/2020 
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